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  1. Full line of biologics options
    BIORESORB® Macro Pore
    ß-Tricalcium Phosphate Bone Regeneration Material with Advanced Porosity
    BIORESORB® Macro Pore is an osteoconductive, pure-phase ß-Tricalcium phosphate bone grafting material developed via a patented process that creates a porous structure most similar to human bone. The interconnecting micro & macro porous structure gives the advantage of allowing vascularization and cell transport into and throughout the particle, leading to new bone deposits within the particles themselves. This results in highly-predictable bone formation. .
    REGUARDE™ Resorbable Collagen Membranes
    Type I Bovine Collagen Matrix Indicated For Use in Guided Tissue Procedures to Enhance Wound Healing
    REGUARDE™ Collagen Membranes are resorbable, cell-occlusive barrier membranes used in guided tissue and bone regeneration procedures in oral surgery to manage oral wounds and assist in wound healing. They are commonly used in periodontal surgery as well as dental implant, bone defect, and ridge augmentation procedures. The membranes are manufactured from highly purified type I collagen and have characteristics specifically designed to meet the needs and preferences of the patient and clinician.